Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Friends with lake houses!!!

It's great to have friends with vacation homes!! We love getting to be the guest! Early in the summer we went with our friends, the Clark's, to their cabin on the Spring River in Arkansas. It was one of the most perfect settings. A river you could almost walk across, a swift enough current to have a lot of fun, and some perfect rock islands in the middle to spend the day playing, fishing, swimming & kayaking!!

Shooting the rapids
 Fun on Rock Island

 Gabe's catch! He caught 1 sunfish & 2 bass.

Ansley attempting to surf behind the Johnson's boat at Wilson lake.
Going in!

 They LOVED jumping off the 2-STORY BOAT DOCK!!
 Playing with lots of kids at the Waggoner's lake in Scottsboro.
 Amelia cautiously enjoys the water :)
 Getting ready for Mr. Clint's wild ride!

Like I said, it's great to have friends with lake houses!! We hope we're invited back next summer ;)

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Leah said...

We loved having you as guest! You better believe you will be asked back! Can't wait.